Park Petiquette


Stay Calm

No dogs showing aggression towards other dogs or people can enter the park.


Stay in Control

Owners must maintain control over dogs at all times immediately removing threatening or aggressive dogs. No mounting.


Scoop that Poop

Owners must pick-up after their dogs and dispose of waste in an appropriate container. Waste stations and tools are provided at multiple locations in both small and large dog parks.


Three’s Company

No more than three (3) dogs per person in the park at one time.


Puppy Protection

No puppies 4 months and under. Puppies are not fully vaccinated, and are vulnerable to disease and injury.


Current Vax and License

Any dog over the age of four (4) months must be healthy, vaccinated, legally licensed and wearing identification tags prior to use of any dog exercise area.


Hormone Check

No female dogs in heat allowed.


Toddlers and Young Children

No toddlers or small children allowed in the dog run area. Children under 16 are strongly discouraged in the park without adult supervision. Children should not run with the dogs or chase them while in the park.


Leave Your Snacks Out

No food or food products are allowed inside dog runs, whether intended for human or dog consumption.


Safety Check

Please remove pinch (prong) collars and spike collars from dogs before entering the park. Other dogs can be injured while playing.



No wolves or wolf hybrids allowed.


Be Present

Owners must supervise their dogs closely, and cannot leave the park without their dog.


Body Language

Please pay attention to the body language of other dogs to protect yourself and your dog.


Take a Break

If you feel that you or your dog is in danger, simply leave the park, report the situation, and come back another day.


City Rules Apply

All rules governing City parks and relevant parking regulations apply.



Off-leash in fenced area only. Please remove leashes while in designated play areas for safety of park-goers.
All regulations regarding dogs in the park apply outside the off-leash area including, all dogs must be on a secure leash not more than six (6) feet long held continuously in the hands of a person capable of controlling the dog.



Keep gates closed at all times.




Fill holes and stop dogs from digging.



Fine Print

The above Regulations shall be enforceable by any police officer, animal control officer, park ranger or other code enforcement officer of the City pursuant to Section 1.08.010 of the O.M.C. In addition to any other remedies, the City officer shall have the authority to eject any person who violates this section pursuant to Section 12.48.125 of this title. (Ord. 1-04 § 1, 2004)